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Letter from the Poets for Peace and Development to the Presidents of the Americas

Mar del Plata , November 2005

Dear Sirs,

Poetry is life, imagination, freedom, the aesthetic sense of existence. She guides us along diverse roads helping us conceive our deepest yearnings and fulfill our highest spiritual needs.

Poetry is word incarnate, she is nourished by the fraternity of the men and women of this continent, rich in resources of all kinds, where, however, millions suffer injustice, hunger and disease.

Poetry loathes death, shattered flowers, devastated fields. She does not believe in the language of weapons, she does not trust in the economic, social or cultural policies of transnational institutions. She rejects the imposition of behaviors and customs by the strong and powerful on the weaker.

Poetry, on this occasion, requests that the presidents gathered at this summit meeting redouble their efforts to achieve peace in the continent and in the whole world, and that, assisted by history and human understanding, they build links of brotherhood and genuine and effective cooperation between the peoples of the continent. Cooperation is essntial for development, this, in turn, is essential for peace.

Poetry, in the name of her most beautiful samples, asks of you a proof that you believe in her, and pleads with you, on behalf of the peoples of the Americas, to reject any military enterprise and any request for immunity or differential status from any government in the world for the members of their armed forces.

The poets

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