Poets Against War continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression.

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Since January 2003, we've received thousands of poems, statements of conscience, and letters of support. 

As of September 2004, our team of volunteer editors has reviewed more than 22,000 poems. We can't showcase every poem, but on this page you'll find a monthly posting of poems or statements that have been suggested to us by poets and editors around the world.

August, 2010

Khadija Anderson Age 52 Los Angeles Burqa

Owen Klein Age 57 Canada Quick, Take the Picture

Mark McGuire-Schwartz Age 62 Obsessive Compulsive in Iraq

Sara McNulty Age 61 Oregon Bloody Steps - Haiku and The Next Chapter (a Fibonacci)

Iolanda Scripca Bosnia Seen From Above (1992 - 1995)


June, 2010

Ilona Martonfi Age 66 JACOB’S FATHER

Gregg Mosson Age 30 Meditation on Washington D.C. in April 2003

Bethel Prescott Age 47 haiku

Michael Skropka Age 28 A Loud Sigh...

Claudia Sukman Age 62 Left, Behind

A. D. Wiegert Age 24 Hang It Up


April, 2010

Melissa Hamilton, Age 24 an interruption of one's routine during war

Susheel Sharma Age 46 India Seven Poems on Gulf War


March, 2010

Henry R. Baldwin, Until

Mark Brunke, Age 39, After My War

Sarah Bruno, Age 21, Reading, Pennsylvania, War is Not

Jamie Dedes, Age 60, Other Mothers' Children

Randolph Nesbitt, Age 47, Aliso Viejo, CA, To Stand with the Warrior Poets in Fields of Wheat While Rome Burns

February, 2010

Gene Barry, Age 52 Letter to Hashim

James Graham, Age 70 Incendiary

Phillip Levine, Age 53, New York Rivers and Gardens

Randolph Nesbitt, Age 47, Aliso Viehjo, California You Gotta Love War

Khalil Nieves, Age 57 jerusalem, shaheeda, we have already won

Paul Lobo Portugés, Age 64, California The Killing fields

Anna Ruiz, Age 61, Ohio Let My People Go!

Jason Sturner, Age 36, Wheaton, Illinois The Pace of Waiting

Jan Theuninck, Age 51, Vlaanderen/Belgium/Europe Beyond the limit


December, 2009

Leonardo Ibanez, Age 64, Venice, CA Section 60

Djelloul Marbrook Age 75, New York Hiccup

Ilona Martonfi, Age 66 Uprising 1956

Susan McCaslin, Canada Shame

Virginia Parkham, Age 66, Harrisburg, PA Bamiyan

Linda Leedy Schneider, Chicago, IL Seven Daffodils, Iraqi Woman Attends a Wedding, Sunset, 2003


November, 2009

Patrick Daly, Age 61, Cupertino, CA Piano, Fall

Jean Gerard, The Land of Shadows

David M. King, Age 28, New York War Poem


October, 2009

Mark Brunke, Age 39 Watching


Ilona Martonfi, Age 66, Canada The Siege

Bethel Prescott, Age 47 McNamara's Fog

Mary Strong Jackson, Age 53, Scottsbluff, Nebraska Solder Trees

Doug Thiele Successful War and Desert Warfare


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