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Report from the Streets Demonstration for Peace,
Washington, DC   October 25, 2003

by Sarah Browning - DC Poets Against the War

Saturday's demonstration was full of energy and passion, calling for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and poets were there in force! It didn't quite work out the way we hoped -- we arrived early, determined to start reading poetry guerilla-style, as people began gathering. But Bob Marley was blaring from the loudspeakers and we would not have been heard. So, we held our beautiful banner and stood in solidarity. (Many apologies to the poets who may not have been able to find us. We tried to be conspicuous!)

We also worked the crowd, handing out flyers that featured poems for peace, and selling copies of DC Poets Against the War: An Anthology.

We had arranged for 5 minutes of poetry from the stage, and Esther Iverem represented us, reading the astonishing, "Believe." Believe me, when I say the crowd went wild! On DC Indymedia, Esther's remarkable performance earned this accolade: "At the rally at the Washington Monument, the most moving "speech" was given by a DC Poet Against the War."  Her performance was featured on Pacifica Radio's 5 stations and on C-SPAN!

Several of the other poets present did read to the passing throngs at the beginning of the march route, providing inspiration and challenge to the crowds.

Thanks to all who came out, to Esther for her amazing performance, and to Mike Maggio for his persistence in arranging for her to read.

In the Washington Post:

In D.C., a Diverse Mix Rouses War Protest

By Manny Fernandez
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, October 26, 2003; Page A08

Tens of thousands of antiwar demonstrators marched in Washington yesterday to call for an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq, turning out in smaller numbers than for prewar protests but making plain their opposition during a noisy yet peaceful procession. More...

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