Poets Against War continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression.

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We accepted poems from January 27 through February 28, 2003, and then presented the entire anthology of 13,000 poems to the US Congress and the Bush Administration in Washington, DC on March 5th, 2003, as well as to several other national governments around the world. Please join our mailing list to receive updates.

Send copies of poems or statements on this web site  to your co-workers, to your friends, to you family members. Ask them to forward antiwar poems to others to promote an ongoing conversation against the war and for peace. Talk peace. Send copies of your poem to your government representatives, to 10 Downing Street and to the White House.

Currently 21527 poems have been published on the site.

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Name Location Age Poem Title Poem Date
, Antler Milwaukee, WI 56 Draft-Dodgers vs. Poetry Dodgers 2/8/2003
, Antler Milwaukee, WI 56 Pretending to be Dead 2/22/2003
, kactus earth Playing In the Snow 2/19/2003
, Kresque Chiloquin, Oregon, North America 49 War Dreams 2/18/2003
, Kresque Chiloquin, Oregon, North America 49 Morning Shot to Mourning Peace 2/18/2003
, Kulbir NJ Infinite Is Your Supply 2/19/2003
, Mia CA 40 Maiden Stone 2/10/2003
, nnenko LUNCH AT THE ROSE GARDEN 2/12/03 3/19/2003
, Richa Grand Rapids, MI 55 Perception 2/7/2003
, Richa Grand Rapids, MI 55 True Peace 2/24/2003
, SangKe China Baghdad Child, 02/1991 3/29/2003
, The Carma Bums Los Angeles, Ca./Atlanta, Ga. Theme Song For The Movie of the World News : An Eerie Elegy
(The Revenge of the Vending Machines & The Hotdogs of War)
-, Firefly MA 17 They Are Like Wolves 2/11/2003
Kressa, Kaarel Estonia GOD BLESS AMERICA 4/3/2003
$wAyZe, CHASE SEPTEMBER 10th 2001: The FBI informs Bush... (A Haiku) 2/26/2003
(no last name), Han-shan San Francisco 30 Countdown 2/10/2003
, The, Chanter Tokyo, Japan 36 Mine 2/10/2003
A, Arnoldo de la oakland, CA The Telephone Call 2/16/2003
Aaamerica, Bitters Flint, Michigan 56 How would you feel? if 2/16/2003
Aagaard, Scott Kennedy Drinkmore Cafe, Seattle 35 The Playground 2/11/2003
Aalfs, Janet Northampton, MA 46 Citizen of a Superpower Sits At Abd El-Hadi's Table 2/16/2003
Aalfs, Janet Northampton, MA 46 LINES ON A MAP 10/18/2004
Aalien, Amandus Raff Oslo, Norway 25 Put Down the Weapons (A new song) 2/11/2003
Aameya, Aashish A letter to the war kids 8/2/2006

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