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Bitters Aaamerica

56 years old
Flint, Michigan

How would you feel? if

If you voted in the presidential election but were not heard.
If even though the majority of citizens voted for one person the other person was your country's leader.
If your new leader was appointed and not elected.
If your new leader wanted to go to war regardless of how millions of people felt.
If your leader would not even listen to the voice of dissent.
If your leader seemed insincere and too willing to inflict pain on innocent people.
If your leader was totally in line with big business.
If your leader seemed somehow like a cowboy ready for a gunfight.
If your leader was more concerned with gun owners' rights regardless of how the rest of the people think.
If your leader did not have any personal insight into the realities of war.
If your leader did not have a best friend that was blinded in another war.
If your leader seemed to be heading in one direction and wouldn't slow the train down.
If your leader also had a total disregard for the struggles to help the environment.
If your leader would rather tarnish a pristine area instead of preserving it.
If everyday you wondered where our nation would be now if the candidate that was elected was our leader.
Tell me how you feel?

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