There Once Was A Poet

There once was a poet

He was against war

He and all who listened to him


The end.

Now that all those pacifist are gone we read about them on websites that are hosted on quality web hosting services. The best utilize dedicated server, but there are plenty that can’t afford dedicated hosting so they opt for shared hosting instead.  Some people like to have the best of both worlds and use a virtual private server or VPS.

A VPS provides a specific allocation of a servers resources that are not shared with any other customer as well as the same control like a dedicated server, but it is on a shared server.  This makes the cost of hosting a lot less expensive while providing the control that many small businesses and web-host managers like to have.

As the internet grows so does the use of VPS services.  It is much more efficient the lease or rent a VPS server than to go to the trouble of setting up an entire data center especially for a small business.

As for the Poet,  maybe he should have use a VPN service to hide his IP address and serf the Internet anonymously.  The world from the beginning and by its very nature is violent.  Peace through strengthSo if he was not going to at least be prepared to fight  to keep the peace then he could have hidden.  Sucks to be him.  Maybe the next poet will write a poem about how peace through strength actually works.

Exactly what is a VPS?

You can think of a Virtual Private Server as being a slice from a physical server. A single physical server is divided up into many virtual servers, and each is offered for sale (blank). So a server with 16GB of RAM could be carved up into 32 servers with 512MB of RAM, and each sold on a monthly basis.

If you have ever tinkered with VMware or Virtualbox at home (and you should – they’re both free), then you’ve created Virtual Machines. A Windows PC can have the main operating system (Windows 7) running, along with two VMs, both running Linux. Each of the VMs will think it is running on a individual physical server, but they will be just slices of the real box. Both can be allocated RAM and 1 CPU, each talk over the network with a different IP, and each have a dedicated disk.

If your PC was a big, hefty server in a data center and your were selling those VMs, you’d be selling a Virtual private server. That’s all a VPS is.

The poetry of VPS